Plan well, to live well, Chartwell.

Tax planning

We have significant expertise in the mitigation of income tax levied on salaried earnings, profits from self employment and income from bank interest and dividends.

We can advise you on strategies that ensure you pay the legally required amount of tax, rather than a larger sum that may result from inadequate knowledge of the taxation laws.

We can also offer valuable advice on the handling of capital gains tax which is payable on the profit arising from the disposal of assets such as investment property, stocks and shares, works of art, classic cars and so on.

We can help you make use of the various reliefs available to reduce the tax burden; this can be a complex area and advice is essential.

With the increase in house prices over recent decades, inheritance tax may be payable even by estates that might have been considered quite modest. The use of HMRC-approved investment strategies can mitigate this tax.

It’s also, more than ever, sensible to seek specialist advice regarding the writing of your will.