Plan well, to live well, Chartwell.

About the wonderful people who are our clients

While our clients are often successful individuals, wealthy families and business-owners, there’s no hard-and-fast rule. We have worked productively with all kinds of people.

They may be individuals with financial planning needs, investors with a portfolio to manage, business-owners looking for help with an exit or succession planning strategy, or industry professionals looking for specialist advice.

A quality they do all share is that they are people who take an active interest in their finances and believe their financial future is something they can exercise control over.

They also recognise that patience, rational decision-making and the seeking-out of expert advice are vital when taking major decisions about the future of their finances.

The importance of employing professional expertise in this complicated area and building a long-term relationship with advisers, cannot be over-emphasised.

Some of our clients have been working with us for over twenty five years and share the belief that the practice of effective wealth management and financial planning is a matter of decades, not years.

Amongst our areas of expertise are:

  • Capital accumulation and protection.
  • Pre and post-retirement planning.
  • Tax, estates and trusts.
  • Family wealth and continuity planning.
  • Individual and corporate protection.
  • Professional partner services.