Who are the top 1% of income tax payers?

The top 1% of income tax payers account for 27% of all the UK’s income tax collected, but who are they?

Probate delays affecting estate settlements

System changes to probate administration and uncertainty on increased fees feed delays to probate applications.

How do you feel about taking a pension at 75?

A report from a Conservative think tank suggesting a quicker rise to a state pension age of 75 has ruffled feathers, but is increased longevity making such moves inevitable?

Cracking down on compliance pays for HMRC

HMRC’s tax yield from cracking down on compliance infractions has boosted its coffers by over £34bn, but there are still many legal ways to save tax.

A bumpy ride for August on the markets

August was a rollercoaster month for international markets with interest rates, trade wars and Brexit contributing to a bumpy ride.

Money purchase annual allowance penalties – pick a number

Freedom of Information requests have highlighted a lack of information around numbers hit with pension allowance penalties and the complexities around finding out.

Flexing a ten-year old muscle…

The US Federal Reserve has made its first interest cut in 10 years – but will it have a knock-on effect?

Company car tax revisited – the new rules

New vehicle emissions measuring standards coming in from 2020 mean the tax benefits from company cars may not be as useful as they once were.

New prime minister, new tax policies

Boris Johnson took office towards the end of last month with a list of tax proposals in hand. But at what cost?

Light at the end of the tunnel for inheritance tax simplification?

The OTS finally published its second report on the simplification of IHT with a raft of recommendations for the new Chancellor to consider.