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2018: The story so far

The third quarter of 2018 showed mixed results for global stock markets.

Slowing down our old age

Life expectancy has been increasing in the UK for a long time. In 1980, the average life expectancy at birth was 70.6 years for a man and 76.6 years for a woman. In 2016 this had increased to 79.2 years for a man and 82.9 years for a woman.

The pressure is dropping on inflation

UK inflation is falling faster than expected, as the March figure for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 2.5%.

Has your income risen by 14.3% over the past year?

Statistics show that dividends from UK shares are still rising rapidly.

What’s your inflation yardstick?

Inflation was in the news last month in various guises.

Finance Acts 2017: the sequel?

The long-running saga of the final spring Budget and subsequent Finance Bills is one step nearer the end.

Is a return to inflation on the cards?

December’s inflation figure was the highest since July 2015.

The last Spring Budget date has been set

The Treasury has announced the date of the next Budget.

Tight turnaround for year end tax planning before Spring Budget

The Treasury has announced the date of the next Budget.

Putting a price on unpaid work

The Office for National Statistics has been examining the value of unpaid work.