Category: Retirement Planning

Life expectancy shortens… or does it?

The ONS’ lowered life expectancy projections have implications on retirement planning and investments. Check out the updated calculator.

Higher state pension increases on the cards

The new state pension may have a relatively large increase next year, but it still won’t to be enough to fund a comfortable retirement.

Could your protected pension allowance tip over the edge?

An obscure adjustment to old pension benefits, mandated by the courts, might cost some pension owners many thousands in additional tax.

Annuity rates hit 25-year record low

Annuity rates hit their lowest level since 1994 in September, with implications for those making retirement decisions.

How do you feel about taking a pension at 75?

A report from a Conservative think tank suggesting a quicker rise to a state pension age of 75 has ruffled feathers, but is increased longevity making such moves inevitable?

Money purchase annual allowance penalties – pick a number

Freedom of Information requests have highlighted a lack of information around numbers hit with pension allowance penalties and the complexities around finding out.

Implications from the over-75 TV licence row

The outcome of the over-75s TV licence row highlights the central problem of the escalating costs of an ageing population.

Doctors tapering off as pension tax rules bite

Reports of senior doctors and consultants receiving unexpected tax bills after breaching pension annual allowance tapering rules highlight the need for regular reviews.

How long do you want to work…?

New labour market figures show record levels of employment for the over 65s. How long do you want to work?

Living longer, but…

A recent report shows that life expectancy is still improving, but not as quickly as was once expected.