Category: Pensions

Life expectancy shortens… or does it?

The ONS’ lowered life expectancy projections have implications on retirement planning and investments. Check out the updated calculator.

Higher state pension increases on the cards

The new state pension may have a relatively large increase next year, but it still won’t to be enough to fund a comfortable retirement.

Could your protected pension allowance tip over the edge?

An obscure adjustment to old pension benefits, mandated by the courts, might cost some pension owners many thousands in additional tax.

Money purchase annual allowance penalties – pick a number

Freedom of Information requests have highlighted a lack of information around numbers hit with pension allowance penalties and the complexities around finding out.

Doctors tapering off as pension tax rules bite

Reports of senior doctors and consultants receiving unexpected tax bills after breaching pension annual allowance tapering rules highlight the need for regular reviews.

How long do you want to work…?

New labour market figures show record levels of employment for the over 65s. How long do you want to work?

Living longer, but…

A recent report shows that life expectancy is still improving, but not as quickly as was once expected.

Old case throws up pension protection risk

A European Court decision from 1990 is suddenly raising questions about a key element of pension taxation. On 17 May 1990, the European Court of Justice decided that gender equality should be applied to non-state pensions.

Protecting the state pension for stay-at-home parents

An issue concerning how the high income child benefit charge (HICBC) can potentially affect stay-at-home parents has emerged.

Filling the pensions hole for the self-employed

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is aiming to expand pension coverage among the self-employed.