Category: Investment

Venture capital trusts continue to attract investors

HMRC stats show venture capital trusts (VCTs) are increasingly attractive to investors, offering potential tax benefits but substantial risk. If you’re going to invest, consider acting before the upcoming tax year end but take advice.

The 2019 investment year

2020 begins with a reasonable investment outlook. Is it worth selling shares to realise 2019 gains? Check with your financial adviser about investing in ISAs and pensions before the tax year ends.

Life expectancy shortens… or does it?

The ONS’ lowered life expectancy projections have implications on retirement planning and investments. Check out the updated calculator.

Calling a halt on mini-bonds

Return rates that look too good to be true generally are. Now mini-bond promotion has been restricted to investors after high-profile losses.

HMRC keeps an eye on offshore fund investors

HMRC is now contacting individuals with offshore investments. Make sure you know how gains from these investments should be treated.

Factor inflation into your planning cycle

UK inflation remains low, but it could have a cumulative knock-on effect on your financial plans. Talk to us to see how this impacts you.

Starting early for tax year end investments

There is more time to capitalise on opportunities for early year end tax planning and VCTs are launching their fund-raising efforts now.

UK dividend growth continues, but for how long?

Recent data show that dividends from UK shares rose by nearly 7% year-on-year in the third quarter, but this upward trajectory may not last.

One step at a time – investing slowly

Investing a lump sum can be daunting, but phased investment could give you another route to making the most of your money.

Blue chips take a knock as Marks & Spencer relegated

The gradual decline of M&S, which has been evident for some years, echoes many similar events over the years