Category: Estate Planning

Probate fee increases abandoned

The government’s scrapping of the proposed restructuring of probate fees highlights the importance of having a Will - 54% of UK adults don’t.

Probate delays affecting estate settlements

System changes to probate administration and uncertainty on increased fees feed delays to probate applications.

Could we see the back of inheritance tax?

Widely regarded as most unpopular tax, IHT is under scrutiny from both government and opposition. Is it time it was scrapped for a gifts tax?

New probate fees to affect many estates

The government has revived plans to raise probate fees in England and Wales.

Increasing inheritance benefits for couples

Couples could now save an extra £20,000 of inheritance tax (IHT), as the residence nil rate band (RNRB) increased in April 2018.

A refund for power of attorney

You may be due a refund if you have registered a power of attorney in recent years.

Probate fees changes – an election casualty few will mourn

The election has put a stop to planned increases in probate fees for England and Wales.

The residence nil rate band – not so simple

From April, the residence nil rate band comes into being.

Are your children eyeing up their inheritance already?

Recent research shows that UK household savings are forecast to fall to their lowest rate in over 50 years.

What will you get for £168?

Recent research has revealed how much it costs to make sure your wishes are met on death.