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New government, new tax targets?

How will the new government affect your financial planning and taxes? December's election result has varied implications.

Venture capital trusts continue to attract investors

HMRC stats show venture capital trusts (VCTs) are increasingly attractive to investors, offering potential tax benefits but substantial risk. If you’re going to invest, consider acting before the upcoming tax year end but take advice.

The 2019 investment year

2020 begins with a reasonable investment outlook. Is it worth selling shares to realise 2019 gains? Check with your financial adviser about investing in ISAs and pensions before the tax year ends.

Life expectancy shortens… or does it?

The ONS’ lowered life expectancy projections have implications on retirement planning and investments. Check out the updated calculator.

LISA left standing

The Help-to-Buy ISA is gone, though you can still pay in if you already have one. But is the Lifetime ISA really a good alternative for first-time house-buyers? Seek financial advice before investing.

Higher state pension increases on the cards

The new state pension may have a relatively large increase next year, but it still won’t to be enough to fund a comfortable retirement.

Time to start your year end tax planning

The next Budget could affect pensions, capital gains tax & ISAs. Make sure your year end tax planning is complete before they are announced.

Calling a halt on mini-bonds

Return rates that look too good to be true generally are. Now mini-bond promotion has been restricted to investors after high-profile losses.

HMRC keeps an eye on offshore fund investors

HMRC is now contacting individuals with offshore investments. Make sure you know how gains from these investments should be treated.

Factor inflation into your planning cycle

UK inflation remains low, but it could have a cumulative knock-on effect on your financial plans. Talk to us to see how this impacts you.