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Walter & Anne’s Legacy

Walter and Anne came to Chartwell with potentially, a large Inheritance Tax liability that they thought there was nothing they could do about. 

In addition, with house prices rising in their area, the value over their property had dramatically increased over the past couple of years meaning their potential Inheritance Tax liability had increased further. 

Anne told us ‘from the initial meeting with my adviser and the support staff at Chartwell, we felt at ease and knew that we would find a resolution to our problem’.

After obtaining all of the necessary information, Chartwell put together a financial plan of action with the aim of mitigating Walter and Anne’s potential Inheritance Tax issue. 

Through the use of well thought out gifting to their children and grandchildren, the use of a Discounted Gift Trust and a Joint Life Second Death Policy, the worries Walter and Anne initially had were soon diminished.  

Walter and Anne also took full advantage of Chartwell’s Personal Finance Portal (PFP) a platform that helps our clients to organise all of their important financial/non-financial, Chartwell related and non-Chartwell related paperwork confidentially, and in a secure place that their children can obtain access to if the worst was to happen.