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Kishan and Anita’s Retirement

Kishan and Anita had a list as long as their arms of what they needed help with when they were referred to Chartwell by a friend.

Their main focus was establishing the earliest date that Anita could retire, restructuring their cash holdings, reviewing the investment strategies of their personal pension and retirement income options available to them.

They openly admitted to having never used a financial adviser, feeling they had never had the need to.

Through an initial review, updates over the phone and recommendations Kishan and Anita soon realised the benefits of having a financial adviser assist in planning their financial situation.

Kishan explained how he felt he was ‘getting a tailored service’ whereby he was consulted and updated at every step of his financial plan and obtained an answer every question he had.

Now, Kishan admits they are in a much better position with their finances and says finally feels that their finances are being managed properly, something they wish they had done sooner!