The 2019 investment year

2020 begins with a reasonable investment outlook. Is it worth selling shares to realise 2019 gains? Check with your financial adviser about investing in ISAs and pensions before the tax year ends.

Life expectancy shortens… or does it?

The ONS’ lowered life expectancy projections have implications on retirement planning and investments. Check out the updated calculator.

Factor inflation into your planning cycle

UK inflation remains low, but it could have a cumulative knock-on effect on your financial plans. Talk to us to see how this impacts you.

UK dividend growth continues, but for how long?

Recent data show that dividends from UK shares rose by nearly 7% year-on-year in the third quarter, but this upward trajectory may not last.

Could your protected pension allowance tip over the edge?

An obscure adjustment to old pension benefits, mandated by the courts, might cost some pension owners many thousands in additional tax.

Annuity rates hit 25-year record low

Annuity rates hit their lowest level since 1994 in September, with implications for those making retirement decisions.

Who are the top 1% of income tax payers?

The top 1% of income tax payers account for 27% of all the UK’s income tax collected, but who are they?

Cracking down on compliance pays for HMRC

HMRC’s tax yield from cracking down on compliance infractions has boosted its coffers by over £34bn, but there are still many legal ways to save tax.

Flexing a ten-year old muscle…

The US Federal Reserve has made its first interest cut in 10 years – but will it have a knock-on effect?

Light at the end of the tunnel for inheritance tax simplification?

The OTS finally published its second report on the simplification of IHT with a raft of recommendations for the new Chancellor to consider.