Karl’s cashflow planning

Karl approached Chartwell with the aim of getting to grips with his finances and to gauge an idea of what he could afford during retirement and when he could retire!

Karl found the use of Chartwell’s cash flow planning software invaluable and it helped give him some peace of mind about his future and the lifestyle he wanted to live.

As well as being a very interesting and fulfilling task to sit and run through your finances in detail, one that almost no one sits down and does! Karl was getting in touch almost weekly to ask us to build different scenarios to his plan to give him a clear picture of every possibility available to him.

Chartwell’s cash flow planning expert built in a 2008 style market crash and a gift of capital to his daughter for a deposit for a house. Karl’s dream was to always purchase a property in the South of France so Chartwell built this into his plan too!

Having quite an analytical mind from his career in logistics, Karl told us ‘ I really enjoyed tweaking my cash flow plan with Chartwell’s forecasting specialist on the big screen. They were able to add different scenarios within a matter of seconds, this helped me visualise the impact of major life events and look at whether my assets and pension provision were sufficient to support my retirement’.

We find that giving our clients the opportunity to visualise and modify their future gives them a sense of comfort and confidence they have never had before. Karl and his wife now have a provisional date set for the big move across the channel!